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Safer Internet Day

AGE proposal for Work Programme 2022 “A society for all ages”

Communication on the Cybersecurity Skills Academy

Policy Document

Digital Education Strategy 2020

Czech national policy document.
The strategy focuses on the creation of appropriate conditions and the setting up of processes that will lead to goals, methods and forms of education corresponding to the current state of knowledge, the requirements of social life and the labour market, influenced by the development of digital technologies and the information society.

Policy Initiatives


Web of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic.
Digi podcast, digi news, videos, workshops, analysis, etc.

The E-Safety project

The E-Safety project is a nationwide certified project focused on prevention, education, research, intervention and awareness raising related to risky behaviour on the Internet and related phenomena. In recent years, the project has also focused on the positive use of IT in education and everyday life. The E-Safety project is implemented by the Centre for Prevention of Risky Virtual Communication of the Faculty of Education of Palacký University in cooperation with other organisations.